Do you want to get EGR Removal from an expert? Today on most modern diesels you have a device which is often referred to as an EGR Valve. This device is actually called an Exhaust gas re-circulation valve. Its main purpose is to recirculate the exhaust gases back into the engine at certain RPM’s to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, which contribute to air pollution. Having said that over the years of testing it has been noted that once clogged and sticking these devices tend to make the engine perform up to 5% less efficient than it could without one, not to mention when these devices stick open the vehicle will throw the engine light on, limit your revs and put you into limp home mode until you have it cleaned or EGR removal done by an expert and we cover Rochdale, Bury, Manchester, Blackburn.

Here at Krafte Tuning Ltd we offer a full EGR removal service to improve reliability, improve engine efficiency and to prevent you from ever having yours stick open or closed on you and having any limp mode issues due to that. In most cases we will offer this service included free as part of any of our custom remapping services. This will not only improve performance but will give you piece of mind that yours will never cause you any problems in the future.

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We don’t just let anyone work on your vehicle. We employ highly-skilled, qualified and experienced technicians to ensure proficiency. Since your vehicle is a major priority to us, we ensure you expect and get the very best from us. To achieve this, we give adequate and regular training to our technicians to keep them up-to-date with latest tools and technology. 

Before employing any technician to our company, we ensure we test and screen their skill as well as their level of expertise. This is to ensure productivity and efficiency. Besides, our technicians are friendly, approachable and reliable. We have the best technicians in Rochdale.

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