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Whatever the make and model of your pride and joy, Krafte Tuning’s  ECU remapping services are on hand to polish its performance, efficiency and driveability.

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Who We Are?

We are a team of highly skilled mechanical engineers with over 50 years of collective experience in the car repairs and tuning industry. We all come from a racing background and this is what sets us apart from the many average pop up remapping businesses, you see so many of today. We have a wealth of repearing, diagnostic and tuning knowledge, meaning we can tune, repair and diagnose any vehicle on the road.

We are a 5 star rated tuning company with very good reason, we specialise in car ECU remapping, TDI Tuning, EGR and DPF removal services to boost your vehicle’s efficiency and reliability.

We understand the anguish of many drivers who can’t fully enjoy their cars, with many modern vehicles running very restrictive and torque limited factory software. That’s why we are here to help unlock your vehicles full potential by remastering the manufacturers software to run more efficient and produce much more power.

We use only the newest genuine tools and use the latest techniques to ensure your vehicle is properly tuned, always ensuring that our services are continually improved and updated to suit your needs. Our highly trained staff are always ready to provide you with the best service possible.

Aside from this, we keep tabs on training updates when necessary. In addition, we are regularly up to date with new technological updates used throughout the industry to increase our wealth of knowledge. Our services are professional and prompt and we always try to respond to your enquiries as fast as possible.

We are honest traders with a very good reputation across the country for both diesel and petrol tuning, not only for performance gains but for awesome fuel savings too. So rest assured while your car is having any work done by us, from just a friendly fuel saving economy remap to a high performance software retune, your vehicle is in safe hands with us!


Some of the services we offer and some information on how the service is carried out here at Krafte Tuning Ltd.


Vehicle Software remapping may sound like a very confusing subject to most, but here at Krafte Tuning Ltd tuning vehicle software is what we specialise in. The process in short involves taking a read of your current factory software which runs your engine at present, using the latest tools and technology, we are then able to modify your software to allow the engine to produce its optimal power output with no restrictions.

At the same time, we are also able to re-tune the software so that it uses less fuel than it previously did, we then write the new software onto the vehicles ECU and the transformation is complete, this is what makes vehicle remapping so popular today. Everyone loves to save money and everybody loves to have a vehicle that feels alive and ready to kick into action the moment you touch the throttle. We only offer 100% custom tuning here, meaning that no two tunes will ever be the same. We keep a copy of your factory software on file should you ever wish to revert back to standard. All our software tuning services come with a lifetime software warranty. Meaning that you pay for your new software and you own the rights to it.

We carry out safety tests on all our vehicle tuning to ensure the vehicle is generating the required boost levels and is completely safe before we hand you the key. Some of our software services can and may include: DPF Removal, EGR Removal, Speed Limit Removal, Ad Blue Removal, Rev Limiters, Pops, Bangs, Flames, Burble and Crackles, Launch Control (Selected Models) Decat, Hotstart Fix, Fault code delete and much more.


Weather you are tuning your car for stage 2 performance or need assistance with a problematic blocked DPF, we can assist with the complete DPF removal.

Our DPF removal service is of the highest possible quality, due to the methods in which we use. This is because we don’t do messy cut and shut jobs like most places, we keep in mind that you want to keep the DPF system in a safe and working looking state. This means when we have finished the DPF SYSTEM looks untouched. We have our own custom fabricator who has been doing these for us for many years now. The method we use involves a more expensive fabrication but leaves the customer safer and less likely to run into future issues with your vehicle and keeping it on the road. Second to that your vehicle will be much more reliable, without any blowing, hissing or any future limp mode to worry about.

Once we have cleaned or removed the Blockage from the exhaust, we reset everything, remove any lights, remap your software in a similar way to mentioned in our remapping description. We use only the very best Removal methods ensuring that you never hear about this same issue again in future. Your vehicle will perform much better afterwards and will not have any smoke or higher emissions as we tune all our vehicles to burn very clean and use less fuel on the whole.

We can book you in for a repair or removal anytime and in most cases your vehicle will be in and done on the day.


Today on most modern diesels you have a device which is often referred to as an EGR Valve. This device is actually called an Exhaust gas re-circulation valve. Its main purpose is to recirculate the exhaust gases back into the engine at certain RPM’s to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, which contribute to air pollution. Having said that over the years of testing it has been noted that once clogged and sticking these devices tend to make the engine perform up to 5% less efficient than it could without one, not to mention when these devices stick open the vehicle will throw the engine light on, limit your revs and put you into limp home mode until you have it cleaned or removed by an expert.

Here at Krafte Tuning Ltd we offer a full EGR removal service to improve reliability, improve engine efficiency and to prevent you from ever having yours stick open or closed on you and having any limp mode issues due to that. In most cases we will offer this service included as part of any of our custom remapping services if requested. This will not only improve performance but will give you piece of mind that yours will never cause you any problems in the future.

Engine Tuning

Our engine tuning services range from Fitting upgraded parts such as Hybrid Turbos, Intercoolers and pipes, Uprated fuel pumps, Uprated Injectors, Boost Valves, Clutches and Flywheels, Intake Kits, Manifolds and Downpipes, Decat Exhausts, Gearboxes, Porting and Polishing Cylinder Heads, Camshaft upgrades, Engine rebuilds, engine forging and general engine maintenance such as servicing, timing belts and timing chains.

All work is carried out in our well equipped workshop or in some cases to your door by one of our skilled experienced engineers. We can supply and fit parts or you can source the parts yourself and book in and have us fit them to suit your requirements.

Our engine tuning is second to none as we have many many years of experience in the industry giving us a massive head-start over our competitors who often outsource mechanics to carry out the work on their behalf. Here we have every base covered.

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As professionals, our skill set and service level is highly exclusive. We are confident and proud of our work.


We deliver our services through the latest tech. We check for regular tech updates and our technicians are equally trained to handle them.


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We don’t just let anyone work on your vehicle. We employ highly-skilled, qualified and experienced technicians to ensure proficiency. Since your vehicle is a major priority to us, we ensure you get the very best from us. To achieve this, we give adequate and regular training to our technicians to keep them up-to-date with latest tools and technology. 

Before employing any technician to our company, we ensure we test and screen their skill as well as their level of expertise. This is to ensure productivity and efficiency. Besides, our technicians are friendly, approachable and reliable. We have the best technicians in Rochdale, Manchester, Rossendale and Surrounding areas


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