Our DPF removal service is the highest possible quality in Rochdale, Bury, Manchester and Blackburn due to the methods in which we use. This is because we don’t do messy cut and shut jobs like most places, we keep in mind that you want to keep the DPF  software system in a safe and working looking state. This means when we have finished the DPF SYSTEM looks untouched.

We have our own custom fabricator who has been doing these for us for many years now. The method we use involves a more expensive fabrication but leaves the customer safer and less likely to run into future issues with your vehicle and keeping it on the road. The Economy remap has been specially designed to help reduce your MPG. Second to that your vehicle will be much more reliable, without any blowing, hissing or any future limp mode to worry about.

Weather you are tuning your car for stage 2 performance or need assistance with blocked DPF, we can assist with DPF delete and DPF removal.

Once we have cleaned or removed the Blockage from the exhaust, we reset everything, remove any lights, remap your software in a similar way to mentioned in our remapping description. We use only the very best Removal methods ensuring that you never hear about this same issue again in future. Your vehicle will perform much better afterwards and will not have any smoke or higher emissions as we tune all our vehicles to burn very clean and use less fuel on the whole.

We can book you in for a repair or removal anytime and in most cases your vehicle will be done on the same day. You can check our other services ECU Remapping, Car Tuning, EGR Removal.


We don’t just let anyone work on your vehicle. We employ highly-skilled, qualified and experienced technicians to ensure proficiency. Since your vehicle is a major priority to us, we ensure you expect and get the very best from us. To achieve this, we give adequate and regular training to our technicians to keep them up-to-date with latest tools and technology. 

Before employing any technician to our company, we ensure we test and screen their skill as well as their level of expertise. This is to ensure productivity and efficiency. Besides, our technicians are friendly, approachable and reliable. We have the best technicians in Rochdale.

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Because we offer Best Professional Remapping and Engine Tuning services that have kept our customers coming back year after year. Contact us for more details.


We keep our promises and use the latest techniques, technology and tools for our services.


We offer you premium services with the latest software at an economy rate.


As professionals, our skill set and service level is highly exclusive. We are confident and proud of our work.


We deliver our services through the latest tech. We check for regular tech updates and our technicians are equally trained to handle them.


We don't keep you waiting. We attend urgently to your needs as fast as possible. Give us a call or leave a message and we will be there to help.

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