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We are the top Blackburn ECU Remap company. Whatever the make and model of your pride and joy, Krafte Tunings Ltd’s ECU remapping expertise is on hand to polish its performance, efficiency and driveability. Please call or email for more details about economy remaps, power remaps, or any ecu remap needs. 

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We deliver standard services to all our clients in Blackburn, including ecu remapping. We treat your vehicle’s ecu remap with care and focus on rendering an optimum service. Your car is dear to us as it is dear to you. Our services include car economy remaps, ECU remapping Blackburn, DPF removal remap, EGR removal remap and car tuning services. Basically anything to increase your power, we can help. Contact us by phone or email us for our latest offer details for Blackburn ecu remaps. 

ECU REMAP Blackburn

Vehicle Software ECU Remap may sound like a very confusing subject to most, but here at Krafte Tuning Ltd tuning vehicle ecu software is what we specialize in. The process of remapping your ecu in short involves taking a read of your current factory ecu software which runs your engine ecu at present, using the latest tools and technology, we are then able to modify your ecu software to allow the engine to get its optimal power output with no restrictions. Blackburn ecu remaps is becoming more and more popular as more people are understanding the details of how remapping works. Give us a call or email to find out more details about ECU Remap Blackburn. 

We are also able to re-tune the ecu software by remap so that it uses less fuel than it previously did, we then write the new software onto the vehicle ECU computer and the transformation is complete, this is what makes ECU remap Blackburn, just outside of Manchester, so popular today. Everyone loves to save money and everybody loves to have a vehicle that feels alive and ready to kick into action the moment you touch the throttle. We provide 100% custom ecu remap tuning here, meaning that no two ecu tunes will ever be the same. We keep a copy of your factory ecu software on file should you ever wish to revert back to standard. All our ecu software tuning come with a lifetime software remapping warranty. Meaning that you pay for your new ecu software and you get to own the rights to it.

We carry out safety tests on all our vehicle remapping to ensure the vehicle ecu is generating the required boost levels and is completely safe before leaving us. Some of our software ecu remap can and may include: DPF Removal, EGR Removal, Speed Limit Removal, Ad Blue Removal, Rev Limiters, Pops, Bangs, Flames, Burble and Crackles, Launch Control (Selected Models) Decat, Hotstart Fix, Fault code delete and much more. So contact us to find the details for latest offer on remaps for your vehicle. 


We don’t just let anyone work on your vehicle. We employ highly-skilled, qualified and experienced technicians to ensure proficiency. Since your vehicle is a major priority to us, we ensure you expect and get the very best from us. To achieve this, we give adequate and regular training to our technicians to keep them up-to-date with latest tools and technology in remapping. So contact us today for any remapping needs!

Before employing any technician to our company, we ensure we test and screen their remaps skill as well as their level of expertise. This is to ensure productivity and efficiency. Besides, our technicians are friendly, approachable and reliable. We have the best technicians in Blackburn. Contact us for any remapping ecu service or any remaps by phone or email and get any information you may need and our latest offer.

Blackburn Remaps

We have various remap service areas in and around Blackburn for ECU Remaps. Our workshop is located at Rochdale, UK. We also offer our ecu remapping in Bury, Oldham, Manchester, Blackburn and Rochdale.

You can visit any of our offices to book our remap various services. Let’s talk more about your car needs today. You can talk with one of our specialists or leave a message. Be rest assured of getting the best customer service for Blackburn ecu remapping or any ecu remaps. Your satisfaction is our priority. Please contact us by email or call us if you need further remapping assistance.


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